EMPLOYEE respirator fit testing services

Employees working in a position regulated by OSHA Respirator Standard CFR 1910.134 must complete a respirator fit test at least once a year. Also, OSHA requires a fit test before working with a new mask, or after changes in the employee’s facial characteristics. Annual or more frequent tests ensure continuous protection against mask wear and tear and facial changes. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) mandates Respirator Fit Testing (RFT) on the federal level and state level for most localities. Employers who fail to comply face fines of up to $7,000 for the first offense and $70,000 for repeated offenses.

Qualitative Test

Affordable and effective testing for employees using a hood and test agents.

Quantitative Test

State of the art equipment is used for a more precise fit test process that doesn't rely on the employee's sense of smell or taste.

Online scheduling with email/text reminders

Automated email and text reminders will decrease no-show rates and allow for a smoother testing event.

Compliance Tracker

Customizable dashboard for administrators to verify compliance, raw data export, and record storage in case of audits. Cloud-based HIPAA compliant dashboard.


These are what set us apart!

Custom Workflows

We can adapt our services to match your company's written respiratory protection plan. Once we review your plan, we develop a custom program that assures regulatory compliance. We take care of scheduling, site coordination, and all the logistics involved in your annual fit testing and training.

Individualized  Tracking

Employees receive a summary at the end of each fit test that provides them with the correct mask size and respirator training information. This data is also accessible from the administrator portal. Your employees can request copies of their reports online by filling out a simple online form.


Compliance Dashboard

Our dashboard provides real-time fit testing data and is accessible from any laptop or mobile device. Download summary reports or extract the raw data as a CVS file to import into your own record system. Our cloud-based dashboard is HIPAA compliant.

Mobile Testing Unit

Our team can set up in the parking lot and notify your staff electronically when it's their turn. This minimizes setup/break-down times and allows us to visit several locations in the same day. Alternatively, we can set up inside your workplace if that is your preference.

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Real-time compliance tracker and automated through our HIPAA-compliant dashboard. Download system can monitor track the compliance of your entire workforce, regardless dashboard allo

Quantitative Test

By partnering with nationwide laboratory systems, we offer a wide range of options for individuals that do not work at your main sites. 

Health Library

Employees can receive custom information based on their individual health risks. This informative tool uses content delivered and continuously updated by the CDC. 

Wellness Portal

Our portal allows your employees to access relevant health and wellness information as well as their screening results from virtually anywhere. 


Other services

Hybrid On-site Clinic 

We can create a hybrid clinic by leveraging your existent telemedicine benefit paired with our comprehensive point of care testing options.

We support your immunization program (Covid-19, Flu, TdaP, Hep B, etc)
Fit Testing

OSHA compliant respirator fit testing and training

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Audiometric Testing
Our innovative technology makes sound-proof booths a thing of the past.
Your coach can facilitate a telehealth visit for your high risk employees.
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