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HealthMetrix LLC

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We specialize in on-site biometric screenings and health coaching performed by well trained, highly qualified healthcare professionals. 






We develop effective wellness programs that focus on evidenced based lifestyle interventions. 





and more

Our professional health coaching services will keep your employees engaged and provide them with efficient tools to live a healthier life. 


Core services

These are what set us apart!

One-on-One Screening

Our on-site services are delivered via individualized appointments, which allow our staff to provide a private screening. Appointments are scheduled online, making the screening an easy process for your employees while reducing wait time.

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Individualized Risk Trend Analysis

Employees are given a real-time trend analysis at the time of their screening; it includes all biometric data available from previous years. Our health coach uses this tool to better identify improvements as well as potential health risks. This allows for a more meaningful screening.


Population Health Dashboard

Traditional vendors provide you with generic aggregate reports, which have little value
when you are trying to justify your program to your executive team.
Our dashboard provides year-over-year trend information on the current risk status of your population and include relevant metrics from both a clinical and
business perspective.

On-site Health Coaching

Your health coach will
work side by side with your wellness team to plan and execute wellness initiatives while keeping your employees actively engaged with your workplace wellness program.

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we adapt to your needs

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Online Scheduling

Our online tool makes it easy to schedule on-site appointments. Your employees will receive an email reminder as well as an optional SMS reminder. 

Off-site Testing

By partnering with nationwide laboratory systems, we offer a wide range of options for individuals that do not work at your main sites. 

Health Library

Employees can receive custom information based on their individual health risks. This informative tool uses content delivered and continuously updated by the CDC. 

Wellness Portal

Our portal allows your employees to access relevant health and wellness information as well as their screening results from virtually anywhere. 

custom services

Because risk identification is only step one!

Hybrid On-site Clinic 

We can create a hybrid clinic by leveraging your existent telemedicine benefit paired with our comprehensive point of care testing options.

We support your immunization program (Flu, TdaP, Hep B, etc)
Wellness Challenge

Keep you employees actively participating in their own wellness.

Fitness Classes
We can develop a fitness culture in the workplace.
Your coach can facilitate a telehealth visit for your high risk employees.

New Wellness Portal

Wellness programs can reduce healthcare costs, boost employee engagement, and foster a healthy work culture. But many wellness programs see engagement trail off because, well... One size does not fit all.
Pushing an employee to change does little more than increase their unwillingness. Evidence suggests that working with, rather than against, employee's resistance is optimal. The key is to involve them at their own pace (unless medically ill-advised) to formulate their own plan of action.


  • Individualized wellness goals
  • Integrated health coaching platform
  • HIPAA compliant secure messaging
  • Built-in telehealth platform
  • Aggregate data reporting
  • Customizable HRA with Heart Age calc.
  • Robust wellness library powered by ConnectWell

Sample of Custom Dashboard


Health-trends dashboard

We provide real-time insight into your company's risk profile!

  • Aggregate Report

    Our reports remove all identifiable information and present aggregate data only. Your employee's personal health information not disclosed at an individual level. 

  • Year over Year Analysis

    This is one of the most utilized features by our clients. We demonstrate the impact you wellness program is having within the moderate and high-risk groups by comparing apples to apples.

Biometric Screening

We provide Meaningful biometric screenings, delivered by dedicated, highly trained health coaches!

What makes our screenings different?

Our individualized screenings offer a private, one-on-one, meaningful experience. We achieve this by providing highly trained and dedicated onsite health educators.  

Our health educators are trained in "The Trans-theoretical Model."

After identifying the "stage of change" that best matches each of your employee's individual situation, our health coaches use that information to personalize the screening and deliver a meaningful experience.

Our model uses positive reinforcement, based on improvements seen year-over-year, and provides guidance to achieve healthy behavioral changes, all within the 10 to 15 minute traditional appointment.

Benefits of our dedicated health coaches

  • Real-time trend analysis, graphic representation of trends have a     meaningful impact and encourage lifestyle modifications.
  • Better rapport between your employees and your dedicated health coach. They will work with the same coach after every screening.
  • Coaches are trained in all of the options offered within your wellness program and can guide employees to the most appropriate resources.
  • Encourages goal setting and accountability by validating and rewarding goal achievement year after year.
  • Significant increase in dates/opportunities for your employees to complete their screening.
  • Comparable cost to traditional "event type" model with measurable positive results!

The coach has access to individual notes recorded on previous encounters, an element which is crucial to personalize the entire experience and share relevant new information at each consecutive visit.

Social Wellness CHallenge

Corporate Social Responsibility meets Workplace Wellness!

Are wellness challenges starting to look repetitive? Suffering from low engagement and low participation rates? Social Wellness Challenge is the solution.

How it works:

We design a custom wellness challenge, based on your company's core values, and add a charitable component. This makes the challenge unique and more likely to elicit intrinsic motivation when compared to a traditional wellness challenges. If your company is already giving back to the community we can build a challenge around your contribution.

Why promote altruistic behavior among employees?

Altruistic (other-regarding) emotions and behaviors are associated with greater well-being, health, and longevity (International Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2005, Vol. 12, No. 2, 66–77).

Our initiative can guarantee that by the end of the challenge at least one life will change forever.

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